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"Dedicated To Dogs"

As dog owners, we love them to bits, but we don't always understand them: they are still hunting, scavenging, sexual, pack animals, with their associated needs which often differ from ours. Let me teach you how to 'think dog'.

Professional Dog Behaviourist offering home visits in Reading, Berkshire, Thames Valley, Oxford & London

As a professional dog behaviourist and trainer, with over 20 years' experience, I am truly dedicated to dogs. Welcome to my website. Dogs are such fun, so intelligent, loving and loyal - and they ask so little from us.

Your dog needs to fit in with your lifestyle!

We need to know how to communicate our wishes to them and how to change their behaviours which get them into trouble. With this in mind, I provide home visits throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Thames Valley and London, specialising in one-to-one personalised dog training sessions at your home and walking areas to suit your specific needs.